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.scrollTo( target:Number | String | Element, smooth:Boolean, position:String ) ;

Scrolls to a particular position or element


  • target: Number | String | Element

    The target element, or use a number to specify a particular scroll position (pixels). You can use selector text or the element itself, like "#box1"

  • smooth: Boolean

    If true, the normal smoothing will be applied according to how you configured your ScrollSmoother (e.g. smooth: 1 would take 1 second). Remember that by default, on mobile there is NO smoothing (like smoothTouch: 0). Otherwise, it will immediately jump to the position.

  • position: String

    You can optionally define a position in a space-delimited form, like "center center" or "top 100px" where the first value relates to the target element, and the second value relates to the viewport. So "top 100px" means where the top of the target element hits 100px down from the top of the viewport."


Scrolls to a particular target or position. You can specify whether or not it should immediately jump there or apply smoothing as it goes, and you can even specify a position like "top 100px" where the first value relates to the target element, and the second relates to the viewport.


when the button is clicked, smoothly go to the spot where the #box1 element hits 100px down from the top of the viewport:

let smoother = ScrollSmoother.create({...});

button.addEventListener("click", () => smoother.scrollTo("#box1", true, "top 100px");

Or simply jump to where the element hits the top of the viewport immediately:


Or specify a numeric scroll position (in pixels):


Want to jump straight to that point without animation?

specify false and it'll jump right down.

smoother.scrollTo(500, false);

Want to customize the animation to that scroll position?

Use the offset() method to find the correct position, and feed it to a GSAP tween like:, {
// don't let it go beyond the maximum scrollable area
scrollTop: Math.min(
smoother.offset("#box1", "top 100px")
duration: 1,

When you set the scroll position in this way, it will work even if paused() is true.