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Quick Start

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Minimal usage

gsap.ticker.add(() => stage.update());, {
duration: 2,
scaleX: 0.5,
scaleY: 0.5,
easel: { tint: 0x00ff00 },


Tweens special EaselJS-related properties for things like saturation, contrast, tint, colorize, brightness, exposure, and hue which leverage EaselJS's ColorFilter and ColorMatrixFilter (see the EaselJS website for more information about EaselJS). You don't need the plugin to tween normal numeric properties of EaselJS objects (like x and y), but some filters or effects require special manipulation which is what EaselPlugin is for. Currently it only handles special properties related to ColorFilter and ColorMatrixFilter, and it can tween the frame property of a MovieClip.

GreenSock's EaselPlugin exposes convenient properties that aren't a part of EaselJS's API like tint, tintAmount, exposure, and brightness for ColorFilter, as well as saturation, hue, contrast, colorize, and colorizeAmount for ColorMatrixFilter. Simply wrap the values that you'd like to tween in an easel: {} object. Here are some examples:

//setup stage and create a Shape into which we'll draw a circle later...
var canvas = document.getElementById("myCanvas"),
stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas),
circle = new createjs.Shape(),
g =;

//draw a red circle in the Shape
g.beginFill(createjs.Graphics.getRGB(255, 0, 0));
g.drawCircle(0, 0, 100);

//in order for the ColorFilter to work, we must cache() the circle
circle.cache(-100, -100, 200, 200);

//place the circle at 200,200
circle.x = 200;
circle.y = 200;

//add the circle to the stage

//setup a "tick" event listener so that the EaselJS stage gets updated on every frame/tick
gsap.ticker.add(() => stage.update());

//tween the tint of the circle to green and scale it to half-size, {
duration: 2,
scaleX: 0.5,
scaleY: 0.5,
easel: { tint: 0x00ff00 },

//tween to a different tint that is only 50% (mixing with half of the original color) and animate the scale, position, and rotation simultaneously., {
duration: 3,
scaleX: 1.5,
scaleY: 0.8,
x: 250,
y: 150,
rotation: 180,
easel: { tint: "#0000FF", tintAmount: 0.5 },
delay: 3,
ease: "elastic",

//then animate the saturation down to 0, { duration: 2, easel: { saturation: 0 }, delay: 6 });

You can also tween any individual properties of the ColorFilter object like this:, {
duration: 3,
easel: {
colorFilter: { redMultiplier: 0.5, blueMultiplier: 0.8, greenOffset: 100 },

Or you can tween things like the exposure of an image which is a value from 0-2 where 1 is normal exposure, 2 is completely overexposed (white) and 0 is completely underexposed (black). Or define a brightness value which uses the same concept: a value from 0-2. These effects can be very useful for images in particular.


A common mistake is to forget to wrap EaselJS-related properties in an easel object which is essential for specifying your intent. You also must load the EaselJS's ColorFilter and/or ColorMatrixFilter JavaScript files.


How do I include EaselPlugin in my project?

See the installation page for all the options (CDN, NPM, download, etc.) where there's even an interactive helper that provides the necessary code. Easy peasy. Don't forget to register EaselPlugin like this in your project:


Is this included in the GSAP core?

No, you must load/import it separately

Is this only for Club GSAP members?

No, it's available to everyone for free! But Club GSAP is pretty awesome...just sayin'.

It works fine during development, but suddenly stops working in the production build! What do I do?

Your build tool is probably dropping the plugin when tree shaking and you forgot to register EaselPlugin (which protects it from tree shaking). Just register the plugin like this:


Is it bad to register a plugin multiple times?

No, it's perfectly fine. It doesn't help anything, nor does it hurt.