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lockedAxis : String

Returns : String

The axis along which movement is locked during that particular drag.


Boolean - The axis along which movement is locked (either "x" or "y"). For example, if lockAxis is true on a Draggable of type: "x,y", and the user starts dragging horizontally, lockedAxis would be "y" because vertical movement won't be allowed during that drag. The lockedAxis property isn't set immediately upon press - the Draggable must wait to see which direction the user drags first. You can define a onLockAxis callback if you'd like to be notified when the axis gets locked.

lockedAxis is also populated on touch-enabled devices when you have a Draggable whose type only permits it to drag along one axis (like type: "x", type: "y", type: "left", or type: "top") and the user touch-drags and the Draggable determines the direction, either allowing native touch-scrolling or Draggable-induced dragging.

Draggable.create("#yourID", {
type: "x,y",
lockAxis: true,
onLockAxis: function () {
console.log("locked axis: " + this.lockedAxis);