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getDirection( from:String | Element ) : String

Returns the direction ("right" | "left" | "up" | "down" | "left-up" | "left-down" | "right-up" | "right-down") as measured from either where the drag started (the default) or the moment-by-moment velocity, or its proximity to another element that you define.


  • from: String | Element

    Any of the the following can be used:

Returns : String

The direction of the Draggable instance.


Sometimes it's useful to know which direction an element is dragged ("left" | "right" | "up" | "down" | "left-up" | "left-down" | "right-up" | "right-down"), or maybe you'd like to know which direction it is compared to another element. That's precisely what getDirection() is for. You can pass any of the following as the parameter to control its behavior:

  • "start" (the default) - Measures from wherever the drag began.

  • "velocity" (requiresThrowPropsPlugin!) - Measures the moment-by-moment direction of the drag. For example, maybe the user dragged really far to the right, but then they start dragging to the left for a brief moment - it's still to the right of the starting position, but it's current velocity is moving to the left. That's what velocity measures.

  • [element] - If you pass an element, it'll return the direction from that element's center to the Draggable's center.