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gsap.config() lets you configure GSAP's settings that aren't Tween-specific, like autoSleep, force3D, and units. To affect properties that should be inherited by individual tweens, use gsap.defaults() instead. Here is a list of config() options:

  • autoSleep - How many frames should elapse between internal checks to see if GSAP should power-down the internal ticker to conserve system resources and battery life on mobile devices. The default is 120 (about every 2 seconds).
  • force3D - GSAP automatically attempts to maximize rendering performance by applying transforms with 3D components like translate3d() instead of translate()during The animation to activate GPU acceleration, and then switches back to the 2D variant at the end (if possible) to conserve GPU memory. That describes force3D:"auto" behavior (the default). Setting force3D: false disables the behavior. Setting force3D: true will force all transform-related tweens to use the 3D component and NOT switch back to 2D at the end of the tween.
  • nullTargetWarn - By default, GSAP will throw a warning when attempting to tween elements that don't exist (are null). You can suppress this warning by setting nullTargetWarn: false.
  • trialWarn - if a trial version of a bonus (members-only) plugin has been loaded, a warning is logged to the console. To disable this warning, set trialWarn: false
  • units - Set the default CSS unit to be used for various properties when no unit is provided. For example, {left: 100} animates the CSS "left" property to be tweened to 100px because the default unit is "px" for the "left" property. If you want to make {left: 100} animate to 100% by default instead you could define gsap.config({units: {left: "%"}}). Only the properties that you set will be changed. The default for most numbers is "px" and rotation-related values are "deg".


// you only need to define the configuration settings you want to CHANGE. Omitted properties won't be affected.
autoSleep: 60,
force3D: false,
nullTargetWarn: false,
trialWarn: false,
units: { left: "%", top: "%", rotation: "rad" },