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iteration( value:Number ) : [Number | self]

Gets or sets the iteration (the current repeat) of timelines.


  • value: Number

    The repeat to jump to.

Returns : [Number | self]

Omitting the parameter returns the current value (getter), whereas defining the parameter sets the value (setter) and returns the instance itself for easier chaining.


Gets or sets the iteration (on a repeated timeline). For example, iteration is 1 the very first time through, then on the first repeat, the iteration would be 2, then 3, etc.

Setting the iteration will cause the timeline to go to the iteration provided. For example, if the repeat is 4, and the playhead is currently on its third repeat, .iteration(2) will make the timeline jump back to the second iteration.

//gets current iteration
var progress = tl.iteration();

//sets iteration the second iteration