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Found 3 results

  1. Can you guys please help me with figuring out how to use skewX and skewY in the new GSAP3 version ? Looks like it has a different Behaviour than before in TWeenMax 1.18 i.e. See my examples: Older Version (i.e. TweenMax 1.18) : https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/mdyoyKO Newer Version GSAP3 : https://codepen.io/themepunch/pen/GRgegOj TweenMax 1.18 ( use matrix) gsap3 ( use css skew now) Hope you can give me a hint ! Thanks a lot ! Really appreciate your help !
  2. Hi, I'm working on a little typographic experiment, and on tweening the SkewY value I was surprise to see the element shrinking vertically a bit like a rotate was applied. I have tried without gsap, only in css and it works fine. what could it be? How can I fix that. To see the issue on the codepen : - move your cursor in the top right corner - open - write a word in the text field and click the ok button - move the 'SkewY div' range you'll then see a gap between each div, that shouldn't be the case as I'm "skewing" not rotating. Thank you GSAP VERSION with gap between each skewed element CSS version without gap (that's what I want).
  3. I have been trying to work using the skewX and skewY properties. For some reason skewY has been acting very strange, although skewX seems to work fine. Here : http://codepen.io/praneybehl/pen/lkhFn Is this a bug? Thanks, Praney
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