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Found 2 results

  1. hi, Is there a way in GSAP to properly override the delay? I am looking for a valid way when I create a tween with the same object reference in memory, it properly overrides the animation and its properties. However, I would like the animation to have a starting delay, and this starting delay does not seem to be supported when overriding another tween. Therefore, I am looking for a behavior that would properly handle the delay when overriding a tween. here test code you can past in your console: setTimeout( async () => { console.log( '💚' ); const obj = { x:0 }; gsap.to( obj, { x:1, onStart:()=>console.log( '💨tl1', obj.x ), onUpdate:()=>console.log( 'upd-1', obj.x, ), delay:1 }); // how overide this tween with new delay ? gsap.to( obj, { x:2, onStart:()=>console.log( '💨tl2', obj.x ), onUpdate:()=>console.log( 'upd-2', obj.x ), delay:5 }); }, 1000 ); In the console log, I would expect the following result: 💨tl1 0 VM33167:4 upd-1 0.16821 VM33167:5 💨tl2 0.16821 VM33167:5 upd-2 0.476336 VM33167:5 upd-2 0.876304 VM33167:5 upd-2 1.304408 VM33167:5 upd-2 1.507727 VM33167:5 upd-2 1.729329 VM33167:5 upd-2 1.83238 VM33167:5 upd-2 1.921491 VM33167:5 upd-2 1.959754 VM33167:5 upd-2 1.987915 VM33167:5 upd-2 1.996086 VM33167:5 upd-2 1.999553 VM33167:5 upd-2 1.999989 VM33167:5 upd-2 2 instead i get this 💨tl1 0 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.039404 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.283607 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.53675 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.675071 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.810253 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.882882 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.942352 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.968883 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.988843 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.995772 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.999423 VM33244:4 upd-1 0.999948 VM33244:4 upd-1 1 VM33244:5 💨tl2 1 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.039404 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.283607 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.547878 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.675071 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.821494 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.882882 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.942352 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.968883 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.989514 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.995772 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.999423 VM33244:5 upd-2 1.999948 VM33244:5 upd-2 2 thanks
  2. Hi, I am very exited about GSAP so I just started to discover it playing around. Congratulation to all the staff! There is a thing that I cannot understand and I am wondering if this could not be a bug. When you set a transform CSS value (ie transform: matrix(1,0,0,1,0,0); ) through a CSS stylesheet and then you try to use GSAP to tween a movement to a different position, the CSS is not overridden since the transform is only set as an attribute and not also as a CSS inline style property. I know that I can use TweenMax.set function to set the transform value instead of using CSS, but sometimes this could be inconvenient and overriding a must. Is there anything that I have not understood on how to correctly use GSAP for this purpose? Many thank!
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