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Found 9 results

  1. hello everyone, we are looking for a developer to make interactive animation like on https://www.apple.com/es/homepod/ We need to make the same smooth animation of the video where the bike will spin. the roller should smoothly begin and smoothly stop "children's slide" write suggestions on Glapacha@gmail.com https://www.apple.com/es/homepod/
  2. I hope it's ok to post a remote job position here! We are a UK agency looking to employ a remote developer to add to our team to build websites that require Greensock animation. Also Wordpress on the backend. Initially we are looking at a 3 month engagement with a view to permanent. Drop me an email if you might be interested - jonny@kotacreative.co.uk
  3. Dear community, I will need to setup up a very simple landingpage for my company within the next 24 hours (I'm optimistic to get by with that). It would just be nice to have some kind of small logo-animation. I'm thinking about how to improve the look and feel a bit and came up with some simple ideas. But as I'm a total greensock-noob it's impossible for me to do anyway - I thought maybe someone is out there who is experienced and fast enough to get something done in that short time. If u think u are able to help me out, I'll be happy if you PM me. I'll get some sleep now and will check back in around 4-5 hours. I'm totally open for your price suggestions, can pay in crypto or paypal (for example) and I'm willing to get into audio/video to speak about it - your call. I thought would be worth to give it a shot here. Maybe I'm lucky - thanks in advanced!
  4. We are an emerging company in the healthcare space looking for a developer with experience in landing page development that is expected to last 1-2 weeks. Must be experienced with Javascript/Jquery, Greensock (other animation libraries), responsive design, and css3 transitions. We are open to location, but would prefer someone in the United States. We have specifications available for applicants to review upon request. If you have any questions or are interested in the role please reply below or at jermaine@care-advisors.com. Cheers, J
  5. Hello, guys. I know I could post this on some job boards, but just wanted to give it a try here. I noticed that on this forum people discuss three.js sometimes. And there is a project I need help with. Commercial project — no free work There will be website with swimming pool constructor on it. Initially we planned to make it flat. But I'd like to go further and make it as dynamic 3D model directly in browser. So I'm looking for a specialist who has experience with three.js and GSAP to help me with this part of the project. I already have scope of work composed for coder. I will send it to those who are interested. You just need to let me know whether you're interested either in this topic or in personal messages. And here is a small teaser of the project
  6. ESPN is hiring! If you're a front end developer looking for a part time gig (29hrs) please apply in the link below! https://jobs.espncareers.com/job/bristol/part-time-senior-front-end-editorial-developer/5216/3059914
  7. Looking for a kickass developer who can build the following animated page, PM me if you're interested and let me know your estimated fixed bid to do the job. Mockup: http://h.dropcanvas.com/t9epx/animation.jpg This is a one page animation task, the animations are triggered as you scroll down the page. The page is divided into 4 scenes. The attached mockup shows the general look and feel for each scene, however it’s basic, you need to be creative in translating the following description into a living animated page. The main animated objects in all the scenes are: - Green dots. - Main line of text. - Second line of text. - The navigation arrow to the next scene. Before you apply for the job: 1. You should have done high quality HTML/CSS/Javascript based animations in the past. 2. Send me examples of your past animation work demonstrating your skills in animation. 3. Not a company but an individual who’s looking for long term opportunity in web animation. 4. Can get the job done in 3 days maximum, no excuses or delays are acceptable. Requirements: 1. Each scene should be covering the screen full width and height and should be responsive. 2. All the animations and related work should be done in Javascript, CSS, HTMl, SVG. 3. The code should be clean and human readable. 4. The Javascript code should be commented thoroughly explaining each function, class, model, etc. 5. The code should be editable easily by following the comments you’ll be providing. 6. The animations should work on mobile too and should be responsive to adapt any screen size. 7. The performance of the page in total should be optimal and to run smoothly without consuming unnecessary resources. General scenes environment: 1. The scenes should give the feel of a light 3d based environment. 2. The same green dots that shows up at the first scene should be tweening, transforming and transitioning to form the next scene formation. Giving the feeling that the same dots are telling a story by forming a distinctive shape in each scene. 3. Upon scrolling the browser window, the next scene should be triggered causing the whole animations of that scene to be played. The user scroll will only initiate the scene play action for that particular scene in view. The user needs to scroll further to trigger the next animated scene. Green dots general behaviour: 1. The dots sizes should be random, some could be smaller and some could be larger. The smallest and largest sizes should be defined and modified easily in the script. 2. When the dots animation and tweening is done in a scene they should keep being animated in a way to give a feeling of continuous motion. Such motion would be a slow pulsing or circular movement or both together. Main and second line of text behaviour: 1. The text should appear in a fade-in effect while being scaled up in a smooth motion. 1. The main line of text should appear first, followed b the second line of text. The difference should be 0.5 sec or so. Scenes detailed specification: First scene: 1. The scene starts with the green dots scattered randomly over the screen. 2. The dots will be moving slowly over the screen in random directions. 3. The main and second lines of text appears. Second scene: 1. The same dots from the first scene will move and start to form an empty circle. 2. Once the circle formation reaches 70%, the main and second lines of text appears. Third scene: 1. The same dots from the second scene will move and start to form a matrix of dots. 2. Once the metric formation reaches 70%, the main and second lines of text appears. Forth scene: 1. The same dots from the third scene will move and start to form a one big dot. 2. The dots should be merging into the bigger dot giving a feeling of liquidity. 3. Some dots will take longer to join the bigger dot. 4. Once the one big dot formation reaches 70%, the main and second lines of text appears.
  8. Fluent in spanish? Live in the Miami or Los Angeles area? Looking for a full time gig? Message me back ninjas. Best, Omar
  9. Hi. I hope this isn't inappropriate to post on these forums. We're looking for a freelancer experienced in JS GSAP animations to convert video animations into JS GSAP code. Love to chat to anyone who's interested. I don't have a specific budget, but would love to hear from anyone who's interested and the rates you usually go by for this type of work. At this stage we have around 8 x 3 second animations, but we're ultimately looking for someone who's interested in working long term with some pretty complex animations. If you're interested, hit me up on: lachlan4242[at]yahoo.com.
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