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Found 13 results

  1. Hello GSAP Community! I found that I very often have problems with GSAP ScrollTrigger when my layout fully consists of flex-items. For example, I found that official demo: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/zYeoqod But it was really easy for me to 'break' it by adding just one simple CSS line 'display:flex;' I just added div-wrapper, and made it 'display: flex;' - and the page don't longer scroll completely. I use Framer for building websites and it almost fully consists of flexbox items. Can I read somewhere what caveats are when using gsap with flexbox? Could you please explain how to make it work with flex elements? Thanks
  2. Flexbox is the modern way to lay out an interface, however it still needs vendor prefixes. At the moment I'm using: TweenMax.set(element, { display: "-webkit-flex" }); ... which supports Chrome, Safari and iOS, it would be great to have this work for all browsers by display: "flex". Why don't I just do this in CSS you ask - I have a couple of plugins heavily utilizing Greensock (think carousels, tabs, etc.) that I need to be JS only, so defining the essential structural styles in code is necessary. For me flexbox is the best and cleanest way to layout a carousel or sliding tab content (using Draggable). I imagine the infrastructure is there to accommodate this essential CSS property. It would be a great addition to your CSSPlugin.
  3. I am developing a Flex application which will allow a user to drag an HSlider left and right to display a series of images (like a flicker book). I am new to LoaderMax but it appears to be just what I need for efficiently loading the images ready for the user to interact with. If I am correct in my understanding I create a new LoaderMax object, define eventListeners to monitor the cycle of events and then I can append an ImageLoader for each image I want to load. I can then call the .load method to load the images. What I can't seem to grasp is how I can display the resulting loaded images and change them as the HSlider is moved. Can I define a Spark Image in my mxml View and bind its source to a variable in my presenter which changes as the HSlider is moved? I see there is a FlexContentDisplay class but I can't figure out how to place this in my View. Thanks
  4. Hi, I am using 'selectionScaleX' & 'selectionScaleY' property to scale selected image. _transformManager.selectionScaleX = 0.5 _transformManager.selectionScaleY = 0.5 However it change the image x and y position. Is is possible to scale selected image object without changing image position? Thank You Regards, Bharat
  5. I have an image editing application that I'm trying to add the ability to change the size/orientation of the image. Once the FlexTransformManager is resized, however, the "draggable" area remains the same as the old size. For example, if I have a 1280x720 FlexTransformManager, then I change the size to 720x120 (From Landscape to Portrait), then items managed by the transform manager are still draggable within the old 1280x720 bounds. Is there a "reset" method or "re-initialize" method that would reset the draggable area of the transformmanager after a resize?
  6. hi friends! I´m fighting with embed a VideoLoader without using loaderMax into flex. Dou you know any site with an example? video = new VideoLoader(..... this. addChild(video) ¿? Best regards, Jose Ramon Leon Somovilla
  7. Hello, I just downloaded the last AS3 version. Copied it in my project and just start a compilation (this is a Flex project). I have several errors : Description Resource Path Location Type 1061: Call to a possibly undefined method initClass through a reference with static type Class. TweenCore.as /<myproject>/src/com/greensock/core line 84 Flex Problem Description Resource Path Location Type 1061: Call to a possibly undefined method remove through a reference with static type com.greensock.core:SimpleTimeline. TweenCore.as /<myproject>/src/com/greensock/core line 219 Flex Problem Description Resource Path Location Type 1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type com.greensock.core:SimpleTimeline to an unrelated type com.greensock.core:TweenCore. TweenCore.as /<myproject>/src/com/greensock/core line 241 Flex Problem In TweenCore line 83 : Multiple markers at this line: -Access of undefined property rootFrame -1119: Access of possibly undefined property rootFrame through a reference with static type Class. is it a regression ? Best, Nicolas
  8. Hello, I'm currently trying to implement a crop tool to our Application. My problem is that I keep getting indexOutOfRange errors from TransformManager.bringToFront either when clicking on the image I want to crop or when clicking outside to unselect it. The same application also gives me from time to time an "wrong parent" error when trying to remove the dummyBox, event though the instance passes the "_selection.parent == _parent" test just before (TransformManager.updateSelection). Both Errors seem very very weird as the range error is thrown even thought range is correct and the parent is ok. Does anyone have any clue on what I'm doing wrong ? Here's a sample app and my basic instanciation code : protected function application_creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void { transformManager=new TransformManager(); transformManager.bounds = new Rectangle(0,0,955,600); imageCompo.image.source = "image.jpg" ; imageCompo.image.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,image_readyHandler); } protected function image_readyHandler(event:Event):void { trace ("complete"); // for some reason flex never tells you when the image is actually ready setTimeout(wtf_flex_handler,1000); } private function wtf_flex_handler():void { trace ("timer complete"); var crop:FlexCrop=new FlexCrop(imageCompo.image, transformManager); } and the imageCompo code : public class ImageComponent extends SkinnableComponent { [SkinPart(required="true")] public var image : Image; //...some basic stuff } Thanks in advance for any input that could help me, I'll give out anything I find if I do find something. proto-crop-greensock.zip
  9. I have an AS3 project that was done in Flash Builder. It makes use of the TweenLite and TweenMax functionality. I want to use the same code in a Flex mobile app but it seems that all the objects that get tweened are actually scaled larger than their original size and will not scale down to the app size for nothing. Here's one example of how we're using it: introTimeline = new TimelineLite(); introTimeline.append( TweenMax.from(logo, 1, {transformAroundCenter:{scaleX:0, scaleY:0}, ease:Elastic.easeOut, onstart:SoundManager.playBubblePop}), 0.25 ); Is there a Flex call or setting I need to use?
  10. Hi. We have some problems with loading external swf's which are using greensock tweening by swf created in Flex 3. Basically we are trying to load some swf which is using greensock tweening into SWFLoader or Image components. Everything works fine, except that animations aren't being run. Initially we thought it may be related to application domain or frame rate - no luck here. To be completely sure, we created new empty project in Flex 3 and loaded swf locally - the issues still appeared. Is it some kind of known issue? Regards.
  11. Hi! I would like to scale my main content components in Flex 4.5 using AutoFitArea. For example i tried: public var area:AutoFitArea = AutoFitArea.createAround(contactM); private function addedComplete():void{ area.attach(contactM, {scaleMode:ScaleMode.PROPORTIONAL_INSIDE}); } <components:Contact id="contactM" includeIn="KONTAKT" resizeMode="scale" x="0" y="0" width="100%" height="100%" horizontalCenter="0" verticalCenter="0"> </components:Contact> This is not working. I am new in flex/flash. I would be happy for any guidance! Thank you!
  12. Hi all, New member to the GreenSock club so be nice I use Flex (v4.6) and was trying to use the BlitMask. Naturally ran into no addChild. To fix the addChildAt problem copy the code from the MotionBlurPlugin (or elsewhere) if (_isFlex && _target.parent.hasOwnProperty("addElement")) { //to accommodate Flex 4 API additions (_target.parent as Object).addElementAt(this, (_target.parent as Object).getElementIndex(_target)); } else { _target.parent.addChildAt(this, _target.parent.getChildIndex(_target)); } and set _isFlex by adding (to the constructor) try { _isFlex = Boolean(getDefinitionByName("mx.managers.SystemManager")); // SystemManager is the first display class created within a Flex application } catch (e:Error) { _isFlex = false; } Also, one for others greater than I to ponder. The BlitMask currently extends Sprite, which doesn't have addElement anyway, so changed to DisplayObject, only to find it doesn't have Graphics. This site: http://www.hulstkamp...t-in-flex-4/555 suggested SpriteVisualElement, and it seems to work. Not sure if this can be modified into the release, but hope this helps some out there. Thanks Mr. GreenSock - terrific tools! AM - sorry for lack of color.
  13. Hey everyone, I have a problem with de FlexCrop and the applyItemXML on the TransformManager. I hope you can help me out. On my TransformManager i have a image with a FlexCrop object. This works all fine. Next i save the image proporties and the FlexCrop object separately in the database along with the xml from the function exportItemXML(). Also this is done without any problems. If i want to put back the image and FlexCrop object in to a new TransformManager the FlexCrop object while not apply to the image object. I see that the FlexCrop object is set, the double click is there. And the FlexCrop object on the Transfrommanager has his saved properties applied because the width, height, scale and rotation are set. My question: What is the right way to reload a FlexCrop object and his target object? can someone give me a simple example of a working peace of code? The code i use now: First add the image object: var _newImage:Image = Image(); _newImage.addEventListener(FlexEvent.READY, readyFunction); _newImage.name = [unique name]; _newImage.source = [the image source]; myTransformManager.addElement(_newImage); Than add the FlexCrop object when the above READY event is triggered: private function readyFunction(evt:Event):void { var _imageCrop:FlexCrop = new FlexCrop(DisplayObject(evt.currentTarget), myTransferManager, true); _imageCrop.name = [unique name]; //_xml is a var outside this function and contains the //proporties recieved from the exportItemXML() myTransferManager.applyItemXML(_xml); _imageCrop.update(); } I am working with Flashbuilder 4.6 Thanks... Dennis van Rijswijk
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