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  1. Hey everyone, hope you all are having a good new years so far. I have a question that is probably best directed towards @OSUblake, the stuff you have created on this page is awesome. The stuffed tentacles animation, is there a way to apply that without using Pixi? I have been playing with feTurbulence, feGaussianBlur and feColorMatrix to try to mimic the turbulent displace effect like in after effects. While I was able to achieve something that was almost representational of what I was trying to achieve, the inconsistency of the loop cycle keeps making cycling back to the stuffed tentacles. Basically I have a rectangle that I 'am trying to make "wavey" to give a false sense of motion. I have tried doing the wave through morphSVG, but I'm not liking the results I'm getting from my end. https://codepen.io/brob-84/pen/PoGBLLv Thanks guys PS first post, and new to the game
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