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  1. @cassie likewise, thank you! Your solution worked for me, though I had to remove the first line of your .yarnrc.yml. My .yarnrc.yml currently looks like this: unsafeHttpWhitelist: - "npm.greensock.com" npmScopes: gsap: npmRegistryServer: "https://npm.greensock.com" npmAuthToken: <YOUR TOKEN> Happy to help!
  2. @Cassie my findings are as follows: In my root I still have .npmrc and .yarnrc with the following content – with my auth token substituted in ***: always-auth=true //npm.greensock.com/:_authToken=*** @gsap:registry=https://npm.greensock.com and a .yarnrc.yml file with the following content: nodeLinker: node-modules npmRegistries: https://npm.greensock.com: npmAuthToken: '***' npmAlwaysAuth: true npmScopes: gsap: npmRegistryServer: 'https://npm.greensock.com' npmAuthToken: '***' npmAlwaysAuth: true simply replacing npm:@gsap/shockingly@latest with npm:@gsap/business@latest in my package.json and running yarn install again afterwards works. Replacing without removing it from the package.json first and running yarn install again afterwards, seems to work, no matter if .npmrc and/or.yarnrcand/or .yarnrc.ymlare present. It seems crucial to first remove gsap from the package.json and running yarn install again to truly remove it, before re-adding it. removing both .npmrc and/or.yarnrc, removing npm:@gsap/business@latest, running yarn install , re-adding npm:@gsap/business@latest and running yarn install again works. removing only .yarnrc.yml, removing npm:@gsap/business@latest, running yarn install , re-adding npm:@gsap/business@latest and running yarn install again yields – regardless of whether the other two dot files are present: ➤ YN0035: │ gsap@npm:@gsap/business@latest: Package not found ➤ YN0035: │ Response Code: 404 (Not Found) ➤ YN0035: │ Request Method: GET ➤ YN0035: │ Request URL: https://registry.yarnpkg.com/@gsap%2fbusiness same as 3. but replacing npm:@gsap/business@latest with npm:@gsap/business yields: ➤ YN0001: │ Error: gsap@npm:@gsap/business isn't supported by any available resolver So to summarize: npm:@gsap/business@latest or npm:@gsap/shockingly@latest both work with the .yarnrc.yml file present, everything else does not – at least not on my system. The suffix "@latest" seems required. It does not work without it.
  3. @Cassie in my case I was using .npmrc with npm:@gsap/business and yarn 1.22, which was working fine for quite some time. Today I decided to upgrade yarn to 4.2.2, that's when the .npmrc file stopped working for me and hence why I discovered this thread. Now I am using npm:@gsap/shockingly@latest with yarnrc.yml which seems to work. But I'll do some additional testing and see if the business version works with .npmrc or one of the other variants.
  4. Had the same problem, the workaround with the .yarnrc.yml above did the trick. Weird that this is still an ongoing issue +3 years later and that the installation instructions on the website don't seem to be working. Very unshockingly green my dudes. In my case I was trying to install the latest GSAP Business locally on a mac with yarn 4.2.2. I now have the following three files in my root dir and I'm unsure which ones or rather if all of them are actually needed to successfully install GSAP via yarn. Is it enough to just have the .yarnrc.yml file? .npmrc .yarnrc .yarnrc.yml
  5. Hi there I'm using the horizontalLoop helper function to create a simple marquee effect where 2 divs continuously scroll from right to left. Think of a news ticker like effect, where each element takes up 100% of the available horizontal space. Now I'd like to add two things: pause the effect when hovering over an item with the mouse -> this is working, I just added a mouseenter and mouseleave event listener to each element, pausing and playing the timeline on enter/leave respectively. Secondly I'd like to scroll to the hovered element's index on mouseenter (after a short delay), so that the full element becomes visible on mouseenter. I tried using the toIndex function and while that does pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, the effect looks strange when the first item comes into view for the second time (from the right). Instead of scrolling the rest of the way to the left (i.e. the shortest way), horizontalLoop scrolls all the way back to the beginning, passing the second item, to go back to the first. Which does make total sense based on the code of the toIndex function, but looks odd, as it's cleary the longer way it needs to scroll and not what I'd like to happen. To see what I mean, mouse over ticker entry 1 once it comes into view on the right, as ticker entry 2 is moving out of view to the left. Is this possible? I've no idea how to approach this, as I don't understand how horizontalLoop does it's magic ... any ideas? Thanks a lot, would appreciate some help/pointers
  6. Perfect! Thank you
  7. Thanks a lot @Rodrigo that indeed fixes the problem. My code still feels overly verbose though. Any other tips to share? Suggestions are welcome. Here's an updated codepen for anyone interested: https://codepen.io/ynamite/pen/eYPwNwY
  8. Hi I've been struggling with the issue of conflicting timelines/tweens over and over again. Notice how in the example, the "more info" divs are consistently not appearing after resizing the browser window while the animation is playing (you'll have to open the example in a new tab to see the problem). https://codepen.io/ynamite/pen/jOeovBm I can't seem to revert a timeline/tween to it's initial state and reinitializing the timeline/animation after resizing the browser window. I've tried killing and/or clearing a timeline, I've tried spamming `overwrite: true` everywhere, I've tried debouncing the resize event etc. I'm at a wits end ... I've checked the forum but could only find the solutions I've already tried. Neither overwriting nor killing/clearing tweens/timelines seems to do the job, at least not in all cases. Sometimes it works and in other cases it just doesn't. It feels inconsistent and my code is starting to feel quite hacky. I'm probably missing a thing or doing something wrong. The example shown on the following page seems to exhibit the same behaviour I'm experiencing: Once you click on "move back" and then click on "restart" the animation seems to break. At least in the way that I understand it. By clicking "restart" I'd expect the element to move back to the right edge and roll back to the left (like it doesk on page load). Instead it just hangs and rolls on the left. Thanks!
  9. @GreenSock Excellent, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
  10. @Shaun Gorneau No real reason, just a gut feeling. Nothing against progressive enhancement, do that all the time, I've just never had to change the actual node type of an existing element before. Probably just me. Thanks for the help!
  11. Alright, easier done than said seems to be working fine. Still seems a little off to me but oh well, it works. Thanks!
  12. Hm, that sounds edgy. Can the tag of an existing element simply be changed? And if so, how? Edit: the whole element would need to be replaced, I think.
  13. Thanks @OSUblake After changing the <a> to a <div> it works fine and was much easier to implement than expected. The drawback is that the link will only work with JS enabled. Not sure if search engines will be able to pickup on these faux-links.
  14. Hi there draggable is working fine on my touch device, but not on my desktop using a mouse – latest Firefox Mac, haven't tested any other browsers. Anyone have any ideas as to why? In this specific case the element I'd like to be draggable is placed within an anchor-tag and I suspect that's where the problem lies. Adding `dragClickables: true` doesn't seem to make a difference. I could change the HTML, but I'd like to avoid that if possible, as this would require some amount of work and testing on project that is live. Thanks for the help!
  15. @ZachSaucier @mikel Check it out essential functionality's mostly done: https://dev.diener.coach Let me know what you think! Thanks again for all the help! PS. Will add a password later, send me a pm if you need it.
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