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  1. Greetings In 2.x you could set window.GreenSockGlobals = {}; and GreenSock would put all it's variables into that object, avoiding the global window namespace. In 3.1.1 the same thing doesn't seem to have any effect, as all the variables are in the global namespace window.gsap, window.gsapVersions, etc. Any way to force 3.x to stick to just 1 global var? I like to keep the global namespace as unpolluted as possible. Thanks!
  2. So the whole "double click" thing on iOS may be a general iOS behavior with JavaScript. I've found a couple references to it out on Google. Adding this meta tag fixes the problem in your test case: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"> I think by specifying a "viewport" you are telling iOS that you are going to handle touch events yourself and not to 'simulate' any sort of onClick type events. Or something On an somewhat related note, I also find this script very useful when needing to drag things with Greensock Draggable on iOS: https://github.com/lazd/iNoBounce It prevents the whole screen from bouncing around when dragging things.
  3. I played around with the physics for a bit, but couldn't get it to a point where it "felt" good to me. In the end I decided to punt on it and maybe try again in the future. Thanks to the helpful advice here from when I asked, I'm sure I can get it working nicely, but it's just a matter of me spending some time with it and honestly, it's not been a feature anyone has ever asked for, I just thought it might be cool to have, but I'm also wondering if some of the players would find it annoying
  4. Greetings I just converted my web game (link at bottom) over to GSAP using Draggable, TweenMax and TimelineMax! I launched the site over 10 years ago, built on YUI2. About 6 months ago I decided it was time to drag it into the modern age, so I set upon a total front end re-write, this time basing all animations and drag/drop on GSAP! I deployed the update 2 weeks ago. Since then about 1 million unique users have spent over 10.9 million hours playing. Not a single GSAP bug or issue has come up! GSAP has been ROCK SOLID. WOOT! I just wanted to THANK YOU for making an amazing product that's allowed me to do this massive re-write and launch without having to worry about the animation/dragging aspects. Thanks again! PS: The new GSAP based website is https://worldofsolitaire.com The old YUI2 version is here: http://legacy.worldofsolitaire.com
  5. Blake, thanks so much for the swing example. It looks quite promising and I think that would be a great way to implement things and it shouldn't be too hard to do while dragging. I'll dig into this more once I get some of the items I'm currently working on completed. I just have to say that you have gone above and beyond and this forum wouldn't be the same without you. Not sure if you are an employee of GreenSock or not, but if not, they owe you a big debt as these active forums is one reason I ended up choosing GreenSock to begin with. Thanks!!!!!
  6. I created the web game http://worldofsolitaire.com I am currently in the process of a total re-write of the front end using GreenSock. I coded it over 10 years ago and back then YUI 2 was cutting edge stuff that supported animation, dragging and dropping, etc. and so that's what I used at the core. Despite adding TONS of stuff to the web site over the last decade (including hacking in touch support) it's LONG overdue for a massive update to bring it into the modern age. I'm ditching support for IE6, IE7 and IE8, adding offline support, fixing some long standing issues and adding some big requested features that only made sense to do if I was going to re-write it. So far Greensock has been working GREAT. Currently utilizing TweenMax, TimelineMax and Draggable. I imagine I'm a few more months away before I'm ready to launch a beta. The website gets about 16 million visits a month from about 1.6 million unique visitors. I always put off rewriting as I didn't have a good library to replace the YUI2 stuff and I didn't feel like rolling my own using CSS transforms or requestAnimationFrame and didn't want to go WebGL route as I wanted to support as many of my existing players as possible. When I discovered Greensock and saw how well documented and how active the forums area and all the codepen examples, etc, I felt comfortable starting the rewrite. From what I've seen so far with my few weeks of Greensock usage, I have zero concerns about it's ability to handle things once I end up going live. As to your original question, this physics thing with the draggable cards was just an experiment. I wanted to see if it could be done in a way that "felt great" and then evaluate whether it should be put into the new web site version as an option or as a default or not at all.
  7. Got my Windows store fixed, turns out you need to have Windows Firewall turned on. I turned it off a while ago. Of course nothing in Windows "tells" you that you need it on, things just fail for no reason. I checked out the apps, you are right, the animations are pretty horrible in reality. All jerky and doesn't feel natural or anything. Hardwood Solitaire also has the stacks swaying around when dragging: http://www.silvercrk.com/solitaire/ Theirs is much more fluid and even has them flopping around as if they were light as a feather in the air.
  8. The screenshot comes from this free Windows 10 game: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/spider-solitaire-collection-free/9wzdncrfjcjg# Sadly I haven't been able to actually try it yet because on my only windows 10 machine the windows store is broken.
  9. Well I've gotten a little bit further: But not quite there yet. Weird stuff happens if you drag fast and then suddenly stop. I've spent some time trying to fix that, but to no avail yet. Also haven't quite wrapped my ahead around the math that will be needed to have the cards follow in a nicer line. I'll have to modify the x/y coordinates I'm guessing based on the angle the cards are at, or something
  10. Thank you both very much for the code examples and tips!! I'll take a look at this more once I get the chance, I got sidetracked on another problem
  11. Hello I'm using Greensock to drag a stack of cards as seen in the code pen, simply drag the top card in the stack and you'll see the rest come along for the ride. My goal however is to have the stack rotate/flop back and forth like it appears to in this screenshot: So basically while dragging around, the stack should move around a bit, as if it were heavy. My guess is the Greensock Physics2D package might come in handy here, but I'm not exactly sure how I would approach using it while a stack is being dragged when the user could drag it in any direction at any time. Any ideas? Thanks!
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