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Using movieclip as motion path

nball test
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Warning: n00b question!


I'd like to use TimelineMax to animate clips along other clips. The examples I can find using MotionPath all utilize generated paths vs. hand drawn paths. Can I simply designate hand drawn paths (which are mc's) using MotionPath?



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Sorry, there is no way for us to parse Bezier data from a hand-drawn path in Flash.


Although somewhat limited, compared to MotionPaths, you could create a MovieClip in flash with a guided animation and then add tweens to your TimelineLite/Max that use the FramePlugin to control those movie clip animations:



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YOu can do this somewhat at dev time, not at runtime as far as I'm aware of though.


Save this into a JSFL file, and do a run command from within flash with a shape selected. Your milage may vary but it should get you the points of an object.

var vertices = fl.getDocumentDOM().selection[0].vertices;

//getting the points and trace them
for(var i = 0; i < vertices.length; ++i)
	fl.trace(vertices[i].x + "," + vertices[i].y);
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