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LoaderMax delay?

danee987 test
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Hi, was wondering if loader max had a delay property where I could add a delay in between loaders that have been appended if they are loaded sequentially?


Something like:


var loader:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({maxConnections:1, delay: 2});







That way in between each loaded file it waits 2 seconds before loading the next. Is this possible?




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I'm curious why you'd want to do that - usually people want better loading performance (quicker access to their files) rather than having delays. I'm sure you have a good reason, though. To answer your question, no, there isn't a built-in way of doing that besides just using an onComplete to trigger a setTimeout() or delayedCall() that then starts the next loader (you could pause() the LoaderMax and then resume() after the timeout).

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Hey mate,


Something like this should work for you:

public class Main extends MovieClip 
		private var lm:LoaderMax;
		public function Main():void 
			//Setup Loadermax instance and set a onChildComplete event for when a 
			lm = new LoaderMax( { onChildComplete:childDone } )
			//Add files to Loadermax Queue
			lm.append(new SWFLoader("myFile1.swf", { container:this } ));
			lm.append(new SWFLoader("myFile2.swf", { container:this } ));
			lm.append(new SWFLoader("myFile3.swf", { container:this } ));
			lm.append(new SWFLoader("myFile4.swf", { container:this } ));
			//Of course load the queue
		private function childDone(e:LoaderEvent):void 
			//pause the loading
			//Wait for 2 sec then resume loading
			TweenLite.delayedCall(2, resumeLoad);
		private function resumeLoad():void
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Thank you guys. I will try this out when I get a chance. It was mainly for testing something. I have an AIR app that I got from a client that runs on Android and has been giving me loading issues (not LoaderMax related). The app contains a very large amount of .swf files that load, each one being around 10kb each. I've had the suspicion that they load so fast it causes the app to hang. So I wanted to slow down the load to see if it helped the issue. Hopefully it will because the client is out of budget to continue to make further changes :/


Thank you Jack and Zync!


- D

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