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Greensock To Animated GIF

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Is there any way to output a Greensock animation to an Animated GIF, without going through an SWF to GIF Converter?


Exporting the animation from Flash CS6 using File > Export > Export Movie... > Animated GIF


results in a 1 frame animated gif as the code only resides on 1 frame.

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Not that I'm aware of, sorry. Someone in the Adobe community forums might have some better ideas though.


I do know that Flash CC has VERY GOOD export to video. It handles scripted animation without dropping any frames. 



So, once you get a good video, you could probably then export that to GIF with reasonable success.

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Yeah best pipeline I've found using Adobe Creative Cloud is to render the video from Flash CC (even if it's scripted, it works well now and they updated Flash CS6 to do the same) then bring the video into Adobe Media Encoder CC and select Animated Gif from the presets. Crop, cut and edit and render from there.

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