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Publish in HTML doesn't start animations

Marko test
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Might be a Flash question, but still, since all the animations are done with TweenLite (fabulous library, btw), I'm asking here.


When I publish my animation (swf and html) and open it in IE, the animation doesn't start. I can see only the first frame, but if I open .swf in Windows Explorer, everything works fine.


I have three layers in Flash - one with actionscript and two with symbols. Only one frame exists, since everything is done in AS.


Thanx to anyone for answering...

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Very strange. Which version of IE? Is it only 1 version?


Have you tried removing TweenLite and trying other scripted animation like

this.addEventListener(event.ENTER_FRAME, move)

function move(e:Event):void {

Please provide all details OS and IE version and a simple file we can test, if there's something we can do, we'll let you know. Seems very unlikely that there is something in TweenLite that is amiss.

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It's probably not Flash's fault, since it's the samo in Mozilla and Chrome - on other machines as well.

I'm pretty sure that I'm missing something in the AS.


I've attached a simple animation (rename it to .fla) that I'm having troubles with; If you'll have the time to take a look, I'll much appreciate it.


I'm actually building a screen saver - when I build it with InstantStorm of course it doesn't play, so I figured if it is going to play in IE, it's gonna play in screen saver as well.


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It was the AS, but it was the first line that was causing this behaviour. A rooky mistake I would say.


The first line was changing into a full screen mode, which is not supported in browsers unless a users sends/clicks a command/button.


Thank you anyway for the quick replies!

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Take a look at:



lol, yeah, I just found the same thing. This will work


//click on stage to activate full screen

stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goFullScreen);

function goFullScreen(e:MouseEvent):void {
stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN

Glad you figured it out. Thanks for the update!

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