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ThrowPropsPlugin out of rectangle

Mostafa test
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i need to control my background scrollview with strict rectangle ,
i don't need the ease effect to let the background scroll out of rectangle .


i need easing just inside the rectangle , i mean i need start point and end point to my background .

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Hi, its a little unclear what you are trying to describe.


to constrain the distance an object can be thrown use the min, max values.

If you don't want the target to overshoot its min/max range and ease back within range, set overshootTolerance to 0

ThrowPropsPlugin.to(mc, {throwProps:{x:{velocity:500, max:800, min:0}}}, 1, 2, 0 );
//max X value: 800
//min X value: 0
//minDuration: 1
//maxDuration: 2
//overshootTolerance: 0
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