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Liquid Stage [SOLVED]

andy_fx test
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Hi there,


wasn't sure where to put this (tweening/transformation). So please feel free to move if it fits better somewehere else.



I wanted to have a Fullwindow stretched and/or Fullscreen Flashsite for

a product demonstration.



Works fine in Fullscreen, Browser Window Internet Explorer but fails completley in

Browser Window Firefox.


My Actionscript setup

  • [*:a1npw2hc]I set up a Liquid-Stage and put all the required lines in the first frame of the movie
    [*:a1npw2hc]I placed all pinned and strechted MCs in the first Frame.
    [*:a1npw2hc]Set Align via AS to TOP_LEFT
    [*:a1npw2hc]fscommand Fullscreen
    [*:a1npw2hc]stage Scalemode is set to "noscale"


stage.quality = StageQuality.HIGH;
stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;
fscommand("fullscreen", "true");
LiquidStage.init(this.stage, 1000, 700, 1000, 700);


My HTML setup

I looked into your example and set it up accordingly.

Doctype is:



I also set up a CSS for body and HTML Tag:

html, body {height: 100%;width: 100%;margin: 0px;padding:0px}



Wether alignment mode... all the time Firefox is behaving strange. But your example works

in FF and IE. So I guess the problem is not necessary in the HTML-Part.



Could you please help me on this? I can also send you my Project (it's in a very early stage and

filesize would be minimum).


Thanks in advance,


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Hi there,


somehow my reply was missing. I tried excluding/removing

several things/lines, but had no luck with Firefox. Also

I'm using swfobject 2.1. There must be something I'm doing wrong ;)


I sent you a test file via E-mail. I hope that is okay?


Best regards,


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The problem was that when you pinned your objects, you set the "accordingToBase" parameter to false instead of true. The purpose of that parameter is to tell LiquidStage if it should be pinned according to its original position on the unscaled stage (BEFORE it gets scaled in the browser) or not. The default value is true because that what is most typically desired, but if you pin something later (at runtime dynamically), you might want to set it to false.


So in your case:

BAD: LiquidStage.pinObject(menu, LiquidStage.RIGHT_CENTER, false, 0);

GOOD: LiquidStage.pinObject(menu, LiquidStage.RIGHT_CENTER, true, 0);


Once I set it to true, things seemed to work the way you expected.

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