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Recompiling swfs independently from parent swf

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I am having big time losses in creating a project: I have multiple games that use a common AssetsLoader class to load a toolbar manager (agent), that loads a toolbar through another assetsloader.

The structure is as follows: a single configurable toolbar, 3 agents (toolbar managers) for 3 kinds of games, 80 games.


Now, when I modify the toolbar code I can recompile it, it takes a few seconds, and the same is for the 3 agents, but recompiling 80 games is terrible!

Why should I recompile all games? I noticed that if I modify the toolbar or an agent I have to recompile the parent cascaded swfs, otherwise I wouldn't see the agent or toolbar modifications in game as if recompiling the game I included agent and toolbar inside it.

If I modify a game I need to recompile it, and it is ok; if I modify an agent I have to recompile it and all the games that load it; if I recompile the toolbar I have to recomile it, all agents, and consequently all games, and this is absolutely no good!


I tried to cast the agent to * instead of the corresponding interface, but nothing changed. I tried to mess around with the application domains (trying to use a different sandbox for the agent and the toolbar), but I think I don't know very well how this works.


I use LoaderMax for assets, and interfaces to access an agent from games and the toolbar from agents: game -> interface(agent) -> interface(toolbar).


Can you help me please?

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Noone knows if application domain could be the problem? I'd like to focus on a possible problem to fix it, otherwise I think I should abandon the project. I don't know if it is a LoaderMax problem, as I switched from regular loader from the beginning.

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It appears this is very complicated situation you are dealing with. I really don't know what advice we can offer. Its hard to imagine how compiling 1 file would require that 80 other files need to be re-compiled, especially if no changes are being made to the 80 files.


If you can help us understand anything at all that would make us think this is related to LoaderMax we would certainly look into it further. Perhaps you can provide 2 or 3 simple files and some very clear steps that we can follow to replicate the issue.


This sounds like a very frustrating situation you are in. Unfortunately, based on my experience, I don't have any ideas about what can be wrong. Perhaps someone else here does.


I would recommend posting in some other Flash forums and see if anyone else has had a simliar problem. Your issue will get better exposure than just being posted here. Try actionscript.org or kirupa.com. Those guys are real solid.



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