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Loading PNG files that are without a file extension

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Before I dig too deep, I'm hoping someone can direct me on how to modify LoaderMax to allow it to load PNG files that happen to not have the file extension .png.


The files are under our control and are of the known type PNG, however, for various reasons, the file names do not contain a file extension in their names.



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Are you saying you don't want to use ImageLoader and instead you want to tap into the LoaderMax.parse() method to automatically identify the loader type that should be used based on the file's extension, but you aren't using a file extension?


Have you already tried just using an ImageLoader? Is that not possible in your setup?

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Thanks for the response! I'm batch loading these files using the technique below and I have activated the image loader:



loadimgs = LoaderMax.parse(imgURLs, {name:"imgBitmapsLoader", onProgress:loadMaxImgProgress, onComplete:loadMaxImgComplete, onError:loadMaxImgError}) as LoaderMax;

loadimgs.maxConnections = imgURLs.length;



But, within the LoaderMax parse method, due to there not being a last instance of "." in the URLs, in fact, there will never be a period within any of the URLs, the URL itself is trying to be validated against the _extensions objects.


I did hack in a quick solution, but I feel it's less than ideal — so was wondering if there is a better way to handle this.


I activated (again, not ideal) an empty string as a file type:

LoaderMax.registerFileType("", ImageLoader);


And within the parse method, I simply set 's' to an empty string if the URL doesn't contain a period.

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