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Load image into Sprite

dingoman test
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I try to load into an image into a sprite with this lines of code

var loader:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader(url, {name:"picture", container:spr, scaleMode:"proportionalInside",onComplete:onImageLoad});


It's looks like that the image is getting inside the sprite ( only X and Y pos ) but all the properties like scalemode aren't working.


also when I try to removeChildAt form my the sprite flash throw an error that say that the sprite have no children.


what can I do?



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In order for the scaleMode to work, you must define a "width" and a "height" (otherwise it doesn't know what size to fit into). You could set those values to your Sprite's if you want.


var loader:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader(url, {name:"picture", container:spr, width:spr.width, height:spr.height, scaleMode:"proportionalInside", onComplete:onImageLoad});


As far as the removeChildAt() error, I'd need to see your file to know what's happening. Feel free to post it here so that we can publish. Are you sure you're calling that method on the correct object and the correct index?

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