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Selected item sticks to mouse after delete

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I have a trashcan in my application where the user can drag items to delete them. This revealed a bug in the TransformManager where if you have the mouse down when an item is removed the next item that is selected will stick to the mouse.


Here are the steps to reproduce:

1) Add two items to a TransformManager have allowDelete=true

2) Select one of the items and hold the mouse button down. With the mouse button down press delete to delete the item.

3) Click the other item. Notice the item now sticks to the mouse.


Notice these steps are slightly different than what I am doing but produce the same result. I am using FlexTransformManager 1.9663.


Do you have any suggestions of how to work around this issue? Thanks in advance.

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On a tight schedule so I worked around this issue by creating a new TransformManager each time an item is selected and destroying it when an item is deleted via the trashcan. Ill try to post an update if I come back to this part of the code.

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