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Trouble with DESELECT [SOLVED]

billyWhite test
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I'm having problems listening for the DESELECT event. I only have one item added to the transform manager and I'd like to be notified once you click off of it. I'm able to get ROTATE, MOVE, SCALE, etc. to fire. Here is the chunk of code in case I'm missing something obvious.


		private function doFileComplete(e:CustomEvent):void {


		trace(manager.autoDeselect); // is set to true

		manager.addEventListener(TransformEvent.DESELECT, onDeselect, false, 0, true);

	private function onDeselect(e:TransformEvent):void {
		trace("in onDeselect");


Is there anything special about this event, or is my impression of its use incorrect?


Thanks so much for this awesome tool,


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Actually, only TransformItems dispatch DESELECT events because TransformManager could have multiple items selected, so it could be confusing for it to dispatch DESELECT events every time PART of the selection was deselected, etc. Instead, it dispatches SELECTION_CHANGE events. It's easy to find out when everything has been deselected, though, by checking the TransformManager's selectedItems Array length when the SELECTION_CHANGE event gets fired. Like this:


myManager.addEventListener(TransformEvent.SELECTION_CHANGE, onSelectionChange);
function onSelectionChange($e:TransformEvent):void {
trace("Changed selection. Items just selected/deselected (changed): " + $e.items.length + ", total items now selected: " + myManager.selectedItems.length);


(Sorry I didn't answer this sooner - the forum never sent me the notification e-mail)

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