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TransformManager & TweenProxy3D problem

thomas_b test
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I use TransformManager on a complex structure. Somewhere inside I use TweenProxy3D. TransformItem fails with an access to an empty transformation matrix. I understand the reason.


This brings me to my question. How should I deal with the transform.matrix or transform.matrix3D equals null situation considering I am using lots (and I am a fan) of the greensock classes?


It seems that using transform.matrix3D will cause a lot of problems looking at the code - cleaning it by setting it to null opens another can of worms - any insight beyond?


thanks - thomas

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First of all, glad to hear you're enjoying [many] GreenSock tools :)


TransformManager is only for 2D transformations. The only time you'd run into that situation you described (transform.matrix null because transform.matrix3D is defined) is when you've applied 3D transformations to the object (which of course means it's not something TransformManager should be transforming). See what I mean? So I would either not apply any 3D transformations or just set the transform.matrix3D to null to remove those transformations. Does that make sense?

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