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Liquid Area Stage Mask

gjacob test
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"mask the preview area"? I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you can avoid using a mask, that'll definitely help improve your performance (masks in Flash are slow). You could position a rectangle on each side/edge of the screen that covers the unwanted content instead. Just an idea. And you can use LiquidStage to move or resize just about anything automatically when the stage resizes.

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Oh, I see. Two things to note:


1) LiquidArea (and AutoFitArea) has a "crop" special property that you can set to true when you attach() any object to it, and that causes the object to be cropped appropriately. See the ASDocs on the attach() method for details. This, of course, won't work for the entire stage, though, because you don't attach() the stage.


2) LiquidArea (and AutoFitArea) extends Shape, so you should be able to simply turn preview on and then use it as a mask for any DisplayObject. Like myObject.mask = myLiquidArea; I haven't tried that specifically with the stage though.


Does that help?

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