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moveSelectionTo() ?

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I was wanting to create a button that would set the location of an selection to the centre of the stage or parent.

To send an item to the top left I can see we can just mc1.x = mc1.y = 0; and moveSelection(0,0); updates everything.


How could we approach using the selection itself and using it's real width and height to find the center right etc of the stage or parent?

I have seen moveSelection() but this is relative to the selection's current position, how would we write a moveSelectionTo() ?


Thankyou, I am very much enjoying the wonderful work done here in GreenSock.

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Glad to hear you're enjoying it.


You could use the getSelectionBounds() method to figure out the position and width/height of the selection.


Also, you can directly move the targetObjects if you prefer and then just call updateSelection() to make sure TransformManager updates the selection box and handles.

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thank greensock this seems to be working so far;


           var selection_rect:Rectangle = _manager.getSelectionBounds();

           if ( selection_rect ) {

               var xms:Number = stage.stageWidth*.5 - selection_rect.width*.5;
               var yms:Number =  stage.stageHeight*.5 - selection_rect.height*.5;

               var xm:Number = 0 - ( selection_rect.x - xms);
               var ym:Number = 0 - ( selection_rect.y - yms);



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