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Multiple Liquid Areas

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I have been using Liquid Area and Stage for a while and I think they are really great, but I have hit a bit of a problem when I'm trying to combine two liquid areas.


What I want to try and achieve is to have a Sprite box that almost fills the entire screen and will resize when the screen changes size. I have set this box with a scaleMode of "Proportional Outside" as I've got an image filling this box. I have also set the crop to true so that the image doesn't run outside to boxes edges. I have created a Liquid Area for this box area.


Where I'm running into problems is when I'm trying to load in separate content into this box. I'd ideally like to control the positioning of these display objects within this box so that they keep their x and y co-ordinates and distance from each other. However when the browser window is resized, the scaleMode of the box is taking over I guess, as is shifting them around and changing their scale accordingly. Is there anyway of controlling this and pinning down objects within this box, so that they are not affected by the scale mode of the box and maintain their location x and y co-ordinates within this box.


Maybe it's not possible to use Liquid Area to achieve this but I thought I ask as I just can't seem to get it right.




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Hi Greensock,


Thanks for the reply, and yeah I just re-read my post and it's a little fuzzy to me! I'll post a fla so you can see what I'm trying to explain but in the meantime here is a website that I saw this working on.




I saw it featured on your website as one of the five of so site on the right hand side. What I like is the guys who designed/programmed the site have got a background image filling an entire box (which also stretches across the screen), while also having content within this box which seems to scale independently from the background image.

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Sure, that could be done by attaching various content to the LiquidArea with different scaleModes. You could have the background use proportionalOutside and the other content use proportionalInside and maybe even add a maxWidth and maxHeight. See what I mean?

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