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TransformManager Flex 4.5 Updates?

MDiddy test
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Just wondering if you're planning on updating the TransformManager component for the latest Flash Builder updates? It seems like it extends Canvas, which isn't available for mobile devices in 4.5.1. The halo components are deprecated anyway so I just wanted to know if its on your radar?


Thanks for a fantastic set of tools!

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Frankly I try to avoid Flex like the plague :) Long story. As you can probably tell by peeking at the FlexTransformManager, it's just a wrapper for TransformManager that makes it Flex-friendly and imposes bounds because Flex had all sorts of bugs in it that caused funky issues with scrollbars showing up when they shouldn't, etc. All the heavy lifting is done in the TransformManager class itself. So it shouldn't be a massive amount of work to edit FlexTransformManager to suit your needs. Would you be willing to collaborate on that? I'm just not in the Flex world enough to know the key issues with the new Halo stuff and the 4.5 framework, etc.

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I wouldn't call myself a seasoned vet at all. But I've been sort of monkey patching FlexTransformManager so far to do a proof of concept but sure I'd be happy to give it a go. I started using Flex back in with version 2.0 so I can certainly feel your pain. :) I avoided it unless absolutely necessary. But starting with 4.0 and the new Spark components, I"ve found that component development is much more predictable. They're much more composition-oriented than the Flex 2/3 world.

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