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AutoFitArea scaleMode?

vuk test
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I have loader which content I attach to AutoFitArea and everything works fine when I`m loading *regularly created swf or plain jpg files.

* swf with no extra object that go beyond original size of that swf.


However, there is one BIG problem if there is such a case, if my swf has certain object that is placed somewhere outside its stage.


Looks like AutoFitArea takes size of an object itself and then manipulate with it`s sizes to make it "Autofit".


However, in this case, i guess, I need to provide exact size so that AutoFitArea can calculate better of how to fit that swf.

Is there something like that, so that I can work around this problem?


I guess that is customBoundsTarget ? If it is, then how to use it?

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I have tried to use:



along with



but looks like strech is not working when I use customBoundsTarget.

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Sure, STRETCH should work fine with customBoundsTarget - could you post a sample FLA that demonstrates it NOT working? No need to post your production files - just a super simple FLA that I can publish on my end would be great. The simpler the better.

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