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General advise workflow detailed font animation.

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Hello all,

My question is more a general one and I'm basically looking for examples and advise on how to create the following:

I have an idea for a little animation, but this little animation will have a lot of details in it.

Simply said what I want is to animate a font (but it would be no problem for me to convert this to for example SVG shapes), but this animation will contain as mentioned a lot of little details in movement and deformations (imagine a bit cartoonish and elastic motion - think a little bit like the Pixar intro animation).

It is just an idea, but I have very little experience with executing such idea and therefore before reinventing the wheel, I would like to know if such a detailed animation can be created using GSAP (maybe you know of any examples?), or should I use for these type of detailed animations better something like Adobe After Effects?

Lastly, whatever solution I choose, it should be as 'light' as possible since it will serve as a website preloader.

Any advise and/or examples are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance!



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When I have an idea I've not yet tried before I like to do small scale demos in a place like Codepen and just try out several ideas and keep forking my work until I've got something I'm happy with.


You definitely want to covert the text to SVG and I also think the member plugin MorphSVG will be highly useful. As with all animations it is wise to start on pen and paper and first sketch out your story board, because animating creating assets and developing will be a lot to handle.


For inspiration also just browse the Codepen library there is so much people already made with GSAP I really like @chrisgannon's work, se below pen and his profile on Codepen codepen.com/chrisgannon/pens/public?cursor=ZD0xJm89MCZwPTEmdj02ODY2NTQ5Ng==


Hope it helps and happy tweening! 


See the Pen bGQRbQG?editors=0010 by chrisgannon (@chrisgannon) on CodePen



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Thanks, I will checkout the link you send.
I'm indeed also looking online for options, inspirations etc. but I thought I also ask here since well, people are animating here and it's a big community :)

About the a lot to handle part, I like to challenge myself, but indeed this may turn out a bit too much..... let's see.
Anyways, thanks for your reply and advise!

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