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Looking to hire developer for GSAP / Locomotive Scroll

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Hello! I am developer and have been writing CSS for longer than I care to remember. Actually started with tables back in the 90's.


I'm building a creative agency website (my own) and have been working on integrating GSAP and Locomotive Scroll. Some things that should seemingly be simple are giving me a tough time. For example, I want to have a sticky header where the logo and nav switches out after scrolling down the page. Maybe a couple "pinned" animations as well. Just simple effects for someone who knows what they are doing.

Our site build in in WordPress, but I can send static code for this project and then re-integrate with WordPress later. We will be able to provide the coded homepage layout with all graphics, content etc. Just need help with the animation aspects of it.

Would love to work with someone who is an expert, especially with GSAP and Locomotive. Locomtive V5 is in beta and we are open to using that (might even be preferred). Thanks in advance!

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Hey there, I'm a final year student working on a project where I have to use 

Gsap scrolltrigger in WordPress since I'm new to this can someone help me how can I do that....?

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Of course, I can step in and lend my expertise with GSAP to craft those sticky header animations and more for your site. My experience with GSAP will ensure seamless transitions and effects, and I'm eager to collaborate on this project.

You can reach out to me on my email here


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