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Multiple Objects Animation create and Duplicate

Ken Flores test
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1 hour ago, Radiant Church said:

I am trying to recreate the effects on this page with no luck. Anyone got good starting points or know of a demo? 

Ive tried with all the plugins with no luck. Maybe GSAP is not for this? 


Might be a job for matter.js, which is a robust 2d physics library.



Here is a collection of Matter JS Code Demos to have a look through.


- Lance

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Yep Lance is 100% right! GSAP is not a physics/collision-detection tool. That is a whole different beast to tame so I'd echo Lance's approach of trying MatterJS for this.


An alternative could be to use this demo by @OSUblake one of our superstars and PIXI/Canvas crazy genius:

See the Pen vNwRdO by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen


That of course would require some update since it uses PIXI 3.x (currently in version 7 and version 8 is already in RC status) and GSAP 1.18 (currently 3.12):



Happy Tweening!

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