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Leading edge of animation disappearing in Chrome

DugF test
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I'm completely new to Greensock and just feeling my way in.  I'm trying to decide what animation method to use for a project I'm starting to animate a circle of fifths image so I'm playing with a number of options, of which Greensock is one.  I've made a very simple animation to start exploring Greensock, which just moves a 'Hello World' h1 with a border.  It is running fine in Edge and Firefox, but when I run it in Chrome the leading edge of the element (i.e. the right border) is disappearing during the animation.  I've tried it in a new incognito window with all extensions disabled and I still get the issue.  I've also tried it on a laptop and desktop and still the same issue.  I've tried searching for existing threads on this but couldn't find anything similar.

Are there any things I can try to get a better animation quality in Chrome?


See the Pen gOZRBRO by DugF (@DugF) on CodePen

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Thanks for the amazingly quick response.  I'm running Chrome 116.0.5845.182 (64-bit) on Windows 10.  I will do a screen recording, but I won't be able to do that until later in the day.  I'll post once done.


Thanks again.

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Thanks, Jack.

I tried both of those settings (on both the h1 and body) and it didn't make a difference.  Curious that I've got it happening on 2 different machines.  I managed to cobble together a third machine last night and it is OK on that.
Thanks for your efforts.

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