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scrollSmoother and uikit sticky objects

ginphreak test
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Hello everyone,
i have a problem with scrollSmoother plugin and sticky objects created with uikit (https://getuikit.com/docs/sticky with show-on-up parameter active). I take the object I want (the header in this case) out of the "smooth wrapper" and the animation works fine except at the beginning (when the page has just loaded). Has anyone already found themselves in this situation? Any suggestions?

Thank you all!

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Hi there,


Thanks for joining club GreenSock, we appreciate the support! 🥳


So, it sounds like you're aware that fixed elements need to be out of the wrapper

  <div id="smooth-wrapper">
    <div id="smooth-content">
      <!--- ALL YOUR CONTENT HERE --->
  <!-- position: fixed elements can go outside --->


I'm afraid without seeing a minimal demo we can't help much further as this sounds very specific to your trigger points and code setup!

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Can you explain what you mean by "...makes a horrible click"? I'm struggling to understand what you think the problem is. I'm probably missing something obvious, but it seems to be working exactly as it should. I wonder if you just have the "start" value set to a higher value than you need(?) 


If you still need help, please provide a minimal demo, like in CodePen or Stackblitz that only shows the essential code to illustrate the problem (don't include your whole project). Some colored <div> elements is adequate. We just can't effectively troubleshoot a live site where it's impossible to quickly tweak the code and poke around.

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You mean like this?: 

See the Pen dywzYrO by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


  start: 1, // as soon as the user scrolls down even 1 pixel, trigger
  onEnter: () => gsap.to(".main-tool-bar", {top: 0}),
  once: true

By the way, I noticed you had a CSS transition on the element you were animating with GSAP. You definitely shouldn't do that. It'll perform much, much better if you just let GSAP handle it. Otherwise, the CSS animation constantly interferes and tries to restart gradually animating the value that GSAP just tried to set. 

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