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Can you suggest a js slider that can be augmented with GreenSock effects?

bobdobbs test
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I've been asked to to a fairly run-of-the-mill website slider.
Every frame will contain an image acommpanied by some descriptive text.
One frame will show at a time.

I want to impress the client.
I figured that I could take one of the popular js slider, and augment every transition with transition effects.
So when the js slider calls it's transition function, I'll call GS functions to animation indivual elements.

I think that for I'll need to use a slider library that emits events when a transition is triggered.

I'm shopping around libraries at the moment myself, but I figured that while do so I might as well ask here:

Can anyone recommend a library that has worked well for them, in terms of adding GS effects?
Are there any pitfalls I should look out for?


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I have used both Swiperjs and Splidejs in production and both worked well with gsap for my requirements at the time.


Swiperjs you will need to set the virtualTranslate parameter to create custom slide transition

and Splidejs has its own transition component which you will need to register.


Both have their pros and cons, so you should take a closer look at the documentation to see if they cover everything for your use case.


Also, since Swiperjs is more popular, there are more articles/tutorials/workarounds on how to use it, so this should also be taken into considuration. Therefore, I would more tend to recommend Swiperjs.


Here's a little example @Carl posted a while back.


See the Pen XWBNJjK by snorkltv (@snorkltv) on CodePen


Hope this helps and good luck with your project

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