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How to play single animation when having multiple animations under the same timeline

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I have one timeline. inside div I have 3 divs (

position: absolute



I am pushing animation objects in a array

const anim = mainTimeline.from(...)


but when I try to play animation on specific index, for example animations[2].play()
it plays whole timeline

is it possible to play only specific animation under same timeline?


See the Pen RwENdGZ by -aisudhaskudh (@-aisudhaskudh) on CodePen

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No you can't use control methods to control a tween on a timeline. You have to control the timeline as a whole. A way to play a section of a timeline would be to use tweenFromTo?


This does seem a bit problematic for your situation though as your timeline is tied to scroll with scrub, so you can't really control it with play/pause. What is you goal here? Maybe we can advise?

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