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how can i autoRotate in motion path container without affecting inner images

shadysw test
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Hi @shadysw and welcome to the GreenSock forums!


Based on the setup you already have and the fact that the entire element (that contains the image and the dots) is the one being animated along that path, is not going to be possible, unless you start rotating the image to counter the effect of the path's rotation.


What you could do is get the dots in the target element and rotate them independently as you tween the progress of your timeline here:

function moveWheel(amount, i, index) {
  let progress = tl.progress()
  tl.progress(wrapProgress(snap(tl.progress() + amount)))
  let next = tracker.item

  setClasses(items, next)

  gsap.to(tl, {
    progress: snap(tl.progress() + amount),
    modifiers: {
      progress: wrapProgress,
  // Create another tween to rotate the dots

That should be the simplest way to approach this IMHO.


Here is a fork of your codepen:

See the Pen JjwPGOq by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Hopefully this helps.

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