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Changing the x transform position of two elements

Nomili test
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Hey guys, I'm trying to reproduce the effect I found on thecraftsmen.tech where two cards are on top of each other and when you scroll down they move left and right to the edge of the container.  I managed to animate the cards, but they start scrolling before they are in view and scroll out of the container. They should already be visible stacked on top of each other and then move apart as on the example page. What am I doing wrong here?

See the Pen YzRbaMw by msadak (@msadak) on CodePen

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Hey Rodrigo, thanks for the answer. I was able to fix it myself last night and forgot to tell you about it here in the forum before your answer came. But thanks a thousand anyway. Your solution is even more elegant than mine. But I still have one question. How is it possible to use a trigger but to control several lines that play the scroll effect one after the other in a slightly staggered manner, as can be seen on the example page? 

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