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I need your help for a test please

Sam Tremblay test
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Sup people of GSAP!


I am currently developping my new Web Agency Website and I need you for a test on Mobile Apple Devices. Could you help me with that please?


Unfortunately, I have only a windows PC and an Android Phone and since I use the "normalizeScroll" with ScrollTrigger, I am not sure if on Safari (and maybe chrome, etc.), only on mobile/touch devices of Apple, the scroll works good. Can I ask you a feedback about that please?


Here is the website: https://dev.champgauche.studio/


A really big thank you 🙏

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1 minute ago, mvaneijgen said:

Ha, not really what the forum is for, but I get it. Here you go iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 17 public beta. Hope it helps and happy tweening!  https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ulfm7rb3vkl80djmi8m7x/RPReplay_Final1690798445.mov?rlkey=aea20ag10yeg27qcqu6qy9v4g&dl=0

Thank you @mvaneijgen 💪

I'm sorry to use the forum for this purpose!

The scroll seems to work good, but I have definitively a bug with the mix-blend-mode and my background!

Happy tweening too and thanks again for your help! You are awesome!

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Sup again @mvaneijgen!


I have a question for you please :


Do you use some "Smart Invert" option with your phone? Or an option in this sense? Dark mode maybe?


I'm trying to understand why the white color is displayed black and black color is displayed white ^^


The correct display is supposed to be like this : https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/19556226


EDIT: I just tested the "colors inversed mode" on my Android and I obtain the same result that you. I almost got screwed 😂



Thanks again!

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