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Restart a SplideJS carousel at the same time as my timeline

Adel Kamel test
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Hello everyone,
My GSAP timeline loops 3 times.

I use Splide.js to display my products.

I can't make that when my timeline restarts, the product carousel also restarts from the beginning.

That's why I come to ask for your help




Link to Splide JS : https://splidejs.com/

Link to banner : https://images-armis-staging.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/bricorama/newtemplates2023/appnexus/html/slideshowV2_300x600.html


See the Pen poQPRLa by adelarmis (@adelarmis) on CodePen

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Sorry about the inconveniences but unfortunately Splide is not a GSAP related product and we can't offer support for it. We need to keep our limited time resources focused on GSAP related issues.


As you probably know GSAP Timelines offer a vast set of callbacks that you can jump into in order to achieve what you're looking for, so this is a question better suited for Splide's API and support.


Based on a cursory reading of their API maybe this could help:



If not then you'll have to destroy and re-create your Splide instance using GSAP callbacks. Unfortunately this seems to be a limitation on Splide's API.


Hopefully this helps.

Happy Tweening!

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