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Problems with PhpStorm and SvelteKit

aplons test
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Hey there,

I'm working on a project right now and wanted to use GSAP for that, but I have a problem setting it up with SvelteKit and Typescript.


I tried importing the module with the Text Plugin and everything works fine in the Browser but PhpStorm displays an error when I try registering the plugin.


I registered GSAP and the TextPlugin like in the following example

import gsap from 'gsap/dist/gsap';
import { TextPlugin } from 'gsap/dist/TextPlugin';




But just like you see on the image I get an error 'Unresolved function or method registerPlugin()'


The same error is happening when I try to use gsap.fromTo but not when I use gsap.to etc.

Its pretty weird, cause just like I said everything works fine in the browser 😕


Thank you very much!

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Hi @aplons and welcome to the GreenSock  forums!


Sorry about the issues, but honestly I don't have any experience with PHP Storm and not a lot with Typescript.


There is a set of files that define the types though:



That should be added when you install GSAP in your project.


Also there are type definitions for the fromTo() method:



And the registerPlugn method:



In VSCode I never had any issues with types so I don't know what to tell you.


Sorry I can't be of more assistance.

Happy Tweening!

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