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Incremental animation issues on quick button clicks

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I am working on an animation for a slider. The intent is for an element to rotate when the slider goes to the next or previous slide, with the rotation direction matching the slider direction.


The issue is if a user clicks again before the initial animation finishes, the box no longer rotates in a consistent 90deg and gets offset based on the progress of the animation in progress. How do I ensure the animation completes or stays with consistent 90deg rotations if a user clicks buttons during a previous animation?


In the actual version, the animation is tied to Slick.js "beforeChange" event to account for dots, arrows, swipes, etc.


Thanks in advance!


See the Pen poxKdJz by candybox (@candybox) on CodePen

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You could check if the target is is tweening and ignore the clicks.



Or give the tween a reference, say 'spin', and then force the progress to 1 if the user clicks too quickly and spin is still active. So the code would be something like this.

if (spin && spin.isActive()) {



Hopefully that helps. Happy tweening and thanks for being a club member.


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