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How can I get this stagger repeat right?

jiggy1965 test
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I've set up a staggering animation which uses 3 tweens. 'Slide' starts at the center, then moves up, goes down and back to the middle again. I'm using a stagger to make the three 'slide' divs do the same animation but with a 2 seconds delay. It sort of works, but what I want is to have this repeat indefinitely.  But the problem is that at the end when the first slide is at the middle again, it waits for slide 2 and slide 3 to arrive at the middle again. Then it repeats the 3 tweens again. What I want is that when slide 1 has returned in the middle, it then repeats its animation while slide 2 and 3 are on its way to get back. What I've tried then is to add {stagger:2, repeat-1} on each tween, but then it repeats each single tween and stuff begins to animate weirdly. How to I set this up correctly so that the animations repeat themselves fluently?

See the Pen mdzKwgY by coder1965 (@coder1965) on CodePen

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