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ScrollSmoother + SplitText

agsymonds test
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I fully expect that this is me doing something wrong so apologies in advance.  I have opacity change on text which is triggered through ScrollTrigger. Each word have been split using SplitText, but it the effect is a little fast when using scrub, so added ScrollSmoother, but the speed doesn't change.




See the Pen eYPKgwG by agsymonds (@agsymonds) on CodePen

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  • agsymonds changed the title to ScrollSmoother + SplitText

I think your spacing is a bit off with the "bottom bottom" end and the extra top margin on the smooth-content. I've adjusted those and added markers so you can better see what's happening. I assume this is more what you wanted?


See the Pen f13078e10896c86f7f165e57ab17f7a8 by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


Happy tweening and thanks for being a Club member.



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