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Sukru test
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Hi there,

When you're using ScrollSmoother it's the wrapper element that is the scroller, not the body.

From the simple scrollbar docs


Include the attribute ss-container in any <div> that you want to make scrollable, and the library will turn it for you


So this should work!

See the Pen abRLKGP by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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I am using gsap version 3.11.4. In this version I use scrollsmoother and the html structure;

<div id="smooth-wrapper">
     <div id="smooth-content">

There is no scrollsmoother you shared. The gsap version I used was conflicting with the plugin you provided. I tried many times. Because both offer smooth scrolling feature. gsap version 3.11 offers a lot of usefulness, I didn't want to give up on it. So I just searched for the scrollbar style.

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Indeed it seems that for some reason SimpleBar doesn't work the way is expected when combined with ScrollSmoother.  As you can see SimpleBar is adding a lot of stuff around the elements ScrollSmoother uses to create the effects:



Unfortunately SimpleBar is not a GSAP product and we can't offer support for third party plugins and packages in these free forums.


Good luck with your project!

Happy Tweening!

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