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ScrollTrigger Video Animation - Smoothness

EdoRaba test
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I'm trying to animate a video on scroll using ScrollTrigger (switched from ScrollMagic), and the result is quite good.
The animation works, but the problem is that frames are often skipped when scrolling.
As can be seen from the console (line 26), the scrollPos skips some numbers, thus causing the videoCurrentTime to skip some frames.
Is there a way to make this not happen?
May I create a variable that increments more precisely with the scrollPos?

Can the duration of the ScrollTrigger and the framerate of the video have something to do with it?

See the Pen ExeLgOE by edoardo-baravaglio (@edoardo-baravaglio) on CodePen

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Hi @EdoRaba and welcome to the GreenSock forums!


Video scrubbing using scroll is depends mostly on the video side of things, where compression and keyframes rate play a significant role. This is definitely not GSAP related but you can still check these threads in order to explore some workarounds in order to improve your results:


Hopefully this helps.

Happy Tweening!

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