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ScrollTrigger, keep pinned element in place while fading out

jaripp test
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50 minutes ago, jaripp said:

Is there a way to do the same without scrubbing?

An alternative is to give scrub a small value 0.25~0.3 but, without scrubbing you get exactly what you had in the first place using ScrollTrigger's callbacks.


gsap.utils.toArray('.content-block').forEach((section, i) => { 
  const pretitle = section.querySelector('.pre-title');
  let tl = gsap.timeline({
    scrollTrigger: {
      trigger: section,
      start: "top 50px", 
      end: "bottom 150px",
      pin: pretitle,
      pinSpacing: false,
      scrub: 0.25
  tl.to(pretitle, {
    autoAlpha: 0,
    duration: 0.5
  }, 2.5)

If you want to avoid that situation you have to tie the animation to the scroll progress and that's what scrub is for. As far as I know these are kind of the two options you have.


Happy Tweening!

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