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Did something happen to TweenMaxVars?

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G'day mate,


Just wondering if TweenMaxVars have changed at all from the blog post you have on your site?

I'm trying something like this:


TweenMax.to(thumbHolder, 0.5, new TweenMaxVars().autoAlpha(0))


But when I put a . after the autoAlpha setting I'm not getting code hints to apply other props to the TMV object. With loadermax this chaining system works perfectly but has something changed with TweenMaxVars? I'm getting code hints for toExponential, toString, toFixed etc while trying to chain. Is it not returning a TweenMaxVars object or something? Cheers. using Flash Develop btw.





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No, it didn't change. Let me guess - you're on a Mac? Rich Shupe mentioned to me that it looks like there may be a bug in the Mac version of Flash Pro that causes code hinting to only work on every other occasion. Weird, I know. Again, it appears to be a problem with Flash Pro, not the class itself. Works great in the other code editors as far as I know. Flash Pro on Windows, Flash Builder on both platforms, etc.


I'd be curious to know if you're on a Mac using Flash Pro.

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Nah I dont think Flash develop is on the Mac, but I'm definitely on a win 7 pc. And I also just realized I put this in the loading forum, oops. It works without any dramas with Loadermax though, the code hinting for vars that is

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I just triple-checked and on my Windows 7 system, Flash Pro CS5, code hinting works perfectly for TweenMaxVars even after autoAlpha(). I wonder if maybe you've got too many classes (although that wouldn't explain why LoaderMaxVars stuff works for you). See these URLs for the fix:





Does that help?

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