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repeating animation

Its_Frostz test
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I was trying make kind of like a solar system animation where the the concentric rings are made with divs and then one more div inside for the respective planets bt when i try to animate the thing using timeline... I used rotate: "+=360cw" and repeat:-1 but it starts the rotation with good speed and slowly slows down to the end until it eventually stops and then speed up again how do i make it move with uniform speed i tried changing the ease to none.none still doesnt work

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Welcome to the forum @Its_Frostz.


I think you were on the right track, already. GSAP applies a default ease of 'power1.out' to every tween - if you want a linear  movement on your tween, set the ease to 'none', that should help with what you are experiencing. If it doesn't, please provide a minimal demo, that demonstrates your issue. I hope that will already help you, though.


gsap.to('.thisOrThat', { rotation: '+=360cw', repeat: -1, ease: 'none'}) 



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thank u so much 

I used none.none from the easing visualizer like the code at the bottom said

gsap.to(graph, { duration: 2.5, ease: "none.none", y: -500 });

so i just copied it from there while i had to use only none


thank u so much

have a nice day my man

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@Its_Frostz nice catch it should indeed be "none" instead of "none.none"!


@Cassie is that maybe something you could look in to 



If you set the easing viszualizer to none it will stated that you should put "none.none" as your ease. If you click the copy ease button you do get just "none".



See the Pen BaOBPEX by mvaneijgen (@mvaneijgen) on CodePen

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 16.23.28.jpg

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